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A renewal of my vows…

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Hello world. My kids are about to turn 4, and after a long slooooow-down I’m ready to refocus myself on making some crazy, crazy music. Joy!


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It’s always a nice feeling to finish a new piece. I finished up “Rapture” (maybe…I’m not entirely sure about the title…) for alto sax and piano last night, after a furious three hour session of writing and cleaning/tightening up. I’m pretty thrilled about this one, and think it’ll be a real ass kicker. Or maybe it’ll suck. Being a composer is sort of funny that way…Anyhow, onto parts. Fun!

new piece for sax and piano

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So today I’m getting started on a shiny new piece for sax player Christopher Creviston. He’s a great dude and fantastic player. Specs include: “5-6 minutes”, and “big and flashy”. Since “big and flashy” was my nickname at summer camp, this should be a walk in the park… ;)


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Will post any interesting ruminations, projects, tales of terror, etc. here. Do check in from time to time!