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A renewal of my vows…

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Hello world. My kids are about to turn 4, and after a long slooooow-down I’m ready to refocus myself on making some crazy, crazy music. Joy!


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Wow. I finally got it together to get my own release of the OYOU compilation album out into the world. This collection feels something like a summation of the entire first phase of my professional career, which is really nice. It’s like leafing through an aural scrap book…Do check it out at:

busy, busy, busy…

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Well, it has been quite a couple o’ weeks. Two fantastic Nosferatus (Nosferati?), an extraordinary first NC Forecast Music concert, and oodles of swell publicity from oodles of swell folk. Meanwhile, I am working on a score for a production of the incredibly dark play 4.48 Psychosis. I think it’ll be grand. If I can […]

life as Music Director

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So here I am, trying to acclimate to life as Music Director at UNCSA’s School of Dance while trying to maintain my composer time/energy. Certainly this is the big test of my time management abilities. This summer has been a challenge, between the new job, Forecast Music, and house shopping. Time to compose and energy […]


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Ok, so I’m taking comments/thoughts on the site design/content to date. Anyone who was any thoughts do drop me a line.